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Scientific papers

Below you will find links to some important papers relating to participatory monitoring. They come in no paticular order. We hope to collect many more links to such papers and to find a way to group them.


Empowering Local People through Community-based Resource Monitoring: a Comparison of Brazil and Namibia

Constantino, P. A. L., H. S. A. Carlos, E. E. Ramalho, L. Rostant, C. Marinelli, D. Teles, S. F. Fonseca-Junior, R. B. Fernandes, and J. Valsecchi. 2012. Empowering local people through community-based resource monitoring: a comparison between Brazil and Namibia. Ecology and Society 17(4): 22.

Large-scale Environmental Monitoring by Indigenous Peoples

Luzar, J.B., Silvius, K.M., Overman, H., Giery, S.T., Read, J.M., and Fragoso, J.M.V.  2011. Large-scale Environmental 
Monitoring by Indigenous Peoples. BioScience 61(10): 771-781.

Community Monitoring for REDD+: International Promises and Field Realities

Danielsen, F., T. Adrian, S. Brofeldt, M. van Noordwijk, M. K. Poulsen, S. Rahayu, E. Rutishauser, I. Theilade, A. Widayati, N. The An, T. Nguyen Bang, A. Budiman, M. Enghoff, A. E. Jensen, Y. Kurniawan, Q. Li, Z. Mingxu, D. Schmidt-Vogt, S. Prixa, V. Thoumtone, Z. Warta, and N. Burgess. 2013. Community monitoring for REDD+: international promises and field realities. Ecology and Society 18(3): 41.

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